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AKAS Infusions’ Approach to Quality

AKAS has achieved a reputation for the production of very high infusion equipment across India and South Asian countries. This has been achieved by an approach to quality control and quality assurance, which is unique to AKAS and has been developed over two decades.

AKAS considers quality control as a key part of the activities to produce products or services economically and to be of a standard, which exceeds customer needs.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all AKAS activities. In order to satisfy customer needs AKAS includes all Members in quality control activities. Everybody from research and development to manufacturing, application and servicing contribute to the quality control process.

AKAS quality relies on the flexibility and teamwork of its Members. Careful selection and continuous structured training has resulted in a workforce which is multi-skilled, flexible and highly motivated; committed to maintaining and improving the Company performance.

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