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Compatible with all IV Sets

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Rugged Sets

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Adult/micro IV set Compatible

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Easy to Use

External Drop Sensor Benefits

The external drop sensor is designed to ensure that accuracy is maintained across a variety of IV sets making our products compatible with all IV sets manufactured.

Multi Mode

Our volumetric infusion pump can be used for paediatric and adult infusions as our product works with both adult and micro IV sets.

The infusion rate can be further set in drop/min or ml/hr as per drug calculation.

Compatible for all IV sets

The external drop sensor allows us to calculate the volume infused accurately through drop to volume conversion for any IV set. This enables compatibility towards all brands of IV sets.

Intuitive Interface

The keypad is designed in an intuitive way with LED indicators, LCD and an organized position of buttons to make it intuitive.

Easy To Operate

The IV door and the insertion mechanism is designed in a way allowing nursing staff to quickly fix the IV tube in the section and move ahead with other roles.

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