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Maximum Flow Rate 1200ml/hr

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High Flow Rate

Infu 5005 has a maximum infusion rate of 1200ml/hr which is commonly used in circumstances of burns or in case of low blood pressure in emergency.

Easy To Close

The door is designed keeping in mind the comfort of opening and closing and to save critical time while setting up the pump.

Cancer Therapy

The external drop sensor allows accurate calculation of the fluid infused on any IV set.

The sensor also has capability to sense radioactive drugs maintaining accuracy even in cancer therapy.

Applications Suitable For Gynaecology

The product is suitable for use in gynaecology to deliver oxytocin to induce labour. The use of infusion pumps to induce labour removes the inaccuracy to due manual control and reduces the average induction-delivery interval.

Light Weight & Elegant Design

Infu 5005 weighs only 2.1Kg making it easy to transport. The product has also been designed elegantly making it easy to operate and pleasing to look at.

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