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  • Platinum Card

    Get an AKAS Platinum Card

  • special discounts

    Use it to get special discounts on purchasing online

  • R&D and Production

    Get exclusive access to our R&D and production facility (tour)

  • Medical Conference

    Get invited to the national biomedical conference conducted by AKAS

  • Avail Sponsorship

    Avail sponsorship benefits for research work on AKAS product range

  • NTP Cost Free

    Get 1 NTP cost free for incoming ICU/OT nursing staff

  • Unlimited Labels

    Get an unlimited number of drug labels

  • Service Support

    Get priority dealer and company service support

  • 24/7 Support

    Get 24/7 telephonic support

  • Login & Track Status

    Get special login access to raise complaint and track status of service or communicate feedbacks to R&D and HO

  • Offer

    Buyback offer - Above 10 years old AKAS products

  • Guarantee

    3 Months replacement guarantee

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