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AKAS Infusions was founded by Mr. V Arjun Sooraj in 1997 when he was only 24 years old.

AKAS Infusions was founded by two brothers Mr. V Arjunsooraj and Mr. V Arunkrishna in a town called Tiruchirappali about 300 kms south of Chennai, TN. Our founder, Mr. V Arjunsooraj was a young graduate from the prestigious College of Engineering, Guindy. He had completed his B.E in Electronics and Communications Engineering in 1995 post which he worked in the healthcare industry.

AKAS Infusions was founded by Mr. V Arjun Sooraj in 1997 when he was only 24 years old. His passion for manufacturing sophisticated engineering components was a result of futuristic thought that India would one day make all medical equipment in the world. It was his belief that Medical and Engineering combined would enable the globe to move towards prosperity. He was consistently supported and guided by his elder brother Mr. V Arun Krishna who is also a technology specialist and had the vision to shape India’s medical equipment landscape way back in early 90s.


The idea was seeded as early as 1985 when the Founders' close relative passed away due to an ailment and lack of money to afford the cost of treatment. Even after the doctor waived off his entire fee, the relative was not able to afford the cost of medical equipment. The Founder was just 12 years old when this situation happened.


The Idea to manufacture medical equipment was further developed during the Founder’s engineering time in between 1991 and 1995. A homemade project was done by the founder and his brother who was also passionate about medical technology.


The idea to develop a commercial medical equipment took shape during the years of 1995-1997 when the Founder was working with a software firm in Pune. He resigned 6 months later to join a medical equipment distributor in Chennai. After working there for 6 months and learning about customers and their requirements, he moved back to his hometown Tiruchirapali to develop the first Infusion pump the country was about to see.


What followed between the years 1997 and 2010 were days of developing and improving the product performance and manufacturing while driving commercial sales. The idea to build a medical technology company took shape from 2000 which led to development and commercialization of many other products like Patient Monitors, Syringe Pumps, Vision Chart and Quick VItal Sign.

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