Safety Traning

Safety & Good practice training for Nurses

For the first time in India, AKAS is a pioneer in offering Nurses Training Programmed (safety training) on syringe pumps to the Nursing staff.

We have trained around 1050 nurses in 350 hospitals across India on Syringe pump safety & good practices.

The Nurses Training Programmed is a US FDA listed 17 points on best practices thereby improving the process of care giving.

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Assets Utilization of each pump

The manual assessment report helps analyze the utilization of syringe pump in each ICU. The used hours indication allows to know the number of hours the pump has been utilized, thereby helping the end users and the management to decide regarding the asset utilization and procurement policy.

Pump status report-Chettinadu Hospital
drug label

Drug Labels to avoid Medication error

For the first time in India, AKAS Infusions offers add on services like Color Coded Drug Labels for preventing medication errors in the hospital.

 We are providing 13 color code drug stickers with blank color sticker.

As multiple drugs are infused simultaneously in the ICU, identifying the alarm causing pump from a distance and quick attention can be provided with the help of colour coded pre printed drug labels.

Drug label
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Asset tracking –Easy Complaint Registration

AKAS has introduced unique features in the pumps for improving the process of asset management.

QR Code every machine is identified by unique code which will be stuck on the side of machine. The hospital team is provided with AKAS App and a login. All machine related details, service information update, technical and clinical information will be available to the customer through the app .

 Unique features like QR Code for raising any complaints through the mobile app and also assets geo tracking means locations of the machine get stored when one scans unique QR code of the machine.

This data is available in the app for the biomedical team to view or even doctor  can.

Asset tracking