Product Overview

Intensivists have the highest expectations of their syringe infusion pumps. Safety, Ease of use, and Reliability are the three most basic requirements. The AKAS™ Infusions Terumax syringe infusion pump, delivers exclusive capabilities for significant bedside advantages.

The AKAS™ Infusions syringe infusion pumps are the most energy-efficient pumps available in the entire world. We consume 30% lesser power than any other syringe infusion pump available.

The AKAS™ Infusions Terumax syringe infusion pump offers a lot of unique things like a simpler user-interface which reduces time to set flow rate and run the pump by 25% compared to other products in the market place which proves to be very critical in Emergency care where time is at the essence.

The AKAS™ Infusions products are versatile in nature and are can be programmed to use all brands of Syringes which allows the decision making on the choice of the syringe to the end-users.

The AKAS™ Infusions Terumax syringe infusion pump can display the used hours like vehicles to track the usage of the pump and ensure that only the required quantity of pumps are available in each ICU. AKAS™ software has inbuilt safety protocols giving the biomedical engineering team the power to identify, track and, ultimately, prevent many of the most harmful IV medication errors.

The AKAS™ Infusions Terumax syringe infusion pump is the world’s lightest pump at just 1.5Kg. The AKAS™ Infusions Terumax syringe infusion pump is the world’s most compact pump at just 2.4L. The AKAS™ Infusions Terumax syringe infusion pump is also one of the world’s most rugged pumps capable of surviving falls from 10ft high by successfully imparting military grade shock absorbing plastics and metal to survive harsh falls in case of mishandling during transportation.

  • Suitable for Cardiothoracic Patients
  • Rugged and Strong design for rough use
  • Compact (2.4 ltr) & Light weight(1.75kg)
  • 0.1 to 1500ml/hr flow rate
  • Long battery back up (up to 8 Hrs )
  • Dosage ramp up and tapper down function
  • Custom programmable mode to accept any brand of syringe
  • Auto / Purge bolus facility
  • Multiple safety alarm facility
  • Inline program during infusion
Technical Specifications
  • Power Supply (I/P) : AC 220V to 240V 50Hz
  • Battery : 12V Ni-MH Battery
  • Battery Backup : 8hrs @ 5ml/Hr Flow rate on 50ml Syringe
  • Power Consumption : 7 VA
  • Applicable Syringe : 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml &100ml Syringes from JMS, Braun, Dispovan, BD and Custom Programmable for any Brand of Syringe.
  • Automatic Syringe Detector : Available
  • Custom Programmable Syringe : Available
  • Flow Rate Range : 0.1 – 200 ml/Hr (5ml Syringe)
    0.1 – 400 ml/Hr (10ml Syringe)
    0.1 – 600 ml/Hr (20ml Syringe)
    0.1 – 800 ml/Hr (30ml Syringe)
    0.1 – 1500 ml/Hr (50ml Syringe)
  • Infused Volume : 0.1 – 999.9 ml
  • Elapsed Time : Display of Elapsed time from 00:01 to 99:59 Hrs
  • Modes : Flow Rate only, Flow Rate & Target volume, Flow Rate & Target Time
    Target volume and target time
  • Bolus : Purge Bolus & Auto Bolus
  • Bolus Flow Rate : 10 – 200 ml/Hr 5ml Syringe
    10 – 300 ml/Hr 10 ml Syringe
    10 – 500 ml/Hr 20 ml Syringe
    10 – 700 ml/Hr 30 ml Syringe
    10 – 1500 ml/Hr 50 ml Syringe
  • Bolus Volume : 0.1ml to 10 ml in 0.1 ml increments
  • Dosage Taper Up/ Down(Sequential Mode) : Available with 10 different programs
  • KVO : 0.1ml/Hr to 9.9ml/Hr in 0.1 ml increment
  • Occlusion Pressure : 10 steps selection (OFF to 9 Levels)
  • Alarms : tAr.1 – Target Volume reached
    tAr.2 – Target time reached
    End – End of Syringe
    occL – Occlusion
    OFF – Battery discharged
    AL 1 – Syringe holder disturbed during infusion
    AL 2 – Syringe Disengaged while running
    AL 3 – Motor unable to drive
    AL 5 – AC Power over limit
    AL 9 – Syringe not engaged
  • Audio/Visual Indication : Target reached (time or volume), End of syringe, Occlusion,
    Battery discharged, Motor unable to drive, Syringe not engaged,
    Near Empty, Battery low, Operation on mains / battery
  • Display : Four 7 segment Display
  • Accuracy : Mechanical Accuracy ±1%; Including Syringe ± 3%
  • Safety Testing : EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, EN 60601-1-6, EN 60601-1-8, EN 60601-2-24
  • Certification : ISO 9001:2008; ISO 13485:2003; CE
  • Dimension : 170 x 107 x 135 ( L x B x W)
  • Space Occupied : 2.4 ltrs
  • Weight : 1.75kg

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